Helpful hints

A short list of some flower meanings

  • Acacia - Secret love
  • Amaryllis - You are sought after
  • Aster - Symbol of love - Daintiness
  • Azalea - Take care of yourself for me, Temperance, Fragile Passion
  • Begonia - Beware
  • Bells of Ireland - Good luck
  • Bluebell - Humility
  • Carnation (General) - Fascination, Woman love
  • Carnation (Pink) - I'll never forget you

Interesting quotes & facts

Flowers have spoken to me more than I can tell in written words. They are the hieroglyphics of angels, loved by all men for the beauty of the character, though few can decypher even fragments of their meanin.
- Lydia M. Child (1802-1880)